Our Story


by Brittany Henley VanMatre, Spin&Give Founder


It all began with a $250 kid’s blazer

I was knee-deep prepping for a family photo and simply couldn’t believe the price tag of the one item I wanted my son to wear. How could a kid’s blazer -- something he would outgrow in a matter of weeks and probably only wear twice -- cost so much? Before leaving the store, I promised myself to resell the blazer after a few uses to justify the purchase.

This post-purchase guilt came from knowing my garage was already full of boxes of his outgrown clothes, many of them gifts from family and friends. And I wasn’t alone – many of my industry friends shared regret knowing kids outgrow their stylish clothes so fast, they are still practically new. They should be reused, continue to be appreciated, and most of all, kept out of landfills.

And so, Spin&Give was born. Combining a way to make stylish kids’ clothing and accessories accessible by extending their lifecycle. A fun, online shopping (and reselling) experience designed to thrill parents, make a positive contribution to the planet and help nonprofits.

Being part of Spin&Give not only gives you a chance to shop celebrity closets – you are part of a community committed to recycling clothes and sustainability.

Better principles, better planet

Here at Spin&Give, we are committed too...

Resale with a purpose

We know it can be hard to justify buying new clothes all the time, no matter how ethically something was made. By buying what is already here on the planet, you’re helping to reduce greenhouse gases and save landfill space. Giving a 2nd (or even 3rd!) life to quality, ridiculously cute kids’ stuff is authentic sustainability. Spin&Give is a tangible eco-conscious shopping option.



Whether you buy, ReSpin (our donor program), or do both with us, you deserve to know exactly where your purchase is from and where it’s going. And also where it’s not going -- like a landfill.


Effortless Style

Dressing your kid adorably shouldn’t be so hard -- or so guilt-inducing. We curate the best finds from the closets of A-listers and other personalities so that you can find anything you need, for any occasion and season, at any age.



Style doesn’t have to come at such a high cost to your wallet -- or to the planet. Spin&Give makes gently-used luxury kids’ clothing accessible at a variety of price ranges, so that everyone in your family tree can enjoy quality cuteness.


Giving Back

Up to 20% of all purchases at Spin&Give go to vetted charities working toward better principles and a better planet. We go even further with our ReSpin program that encourages buyers to join our community of VIP donors! Our commitment to keeping clothing out of landfills goes beyond the reselling on our site.